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Make Mom happy by getting your lifting technique right!!!

Doug Larson from Barbell Shrugged, a great resource of podcasts for anyone who is looking to lift seriously and properly, had a free webinar on tips to snatch and clean more weight without hurting yourself. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, we took notes and you’re welcome to copy them. Lord knows most of us copied our share of homework in our day, so this is our way of paying it forward. You’re welcome!

Weightlifting tips

A Mother’s Day present from us!

Surely, your mother will be happy if you get your weight lifting technique right and you don’t get hurt!
If you won’t read this for your own sake, do it for herHAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

Cheat Sheet on Doug Larson’s
21 Tips To Snatch and Clean More Weight

  1. Clean technique Starting Position

    Keep your back tight and your spine neutral. Never roll your back over the bar.

    Wear weightlifting shoes. The old adage “dress for success” is alive and well in the world of Olympic lifting and high intensity sports training.

  2. Always hook grip the bar: Wrap your thumb around the bar and then hook your fingers around your thumb. It basically creates a little secure pocket for the bar to roll into once you attempt the pull. This grip will allow you to stay loose, fast and powerful.
  3. Keep you back tight and your spine neutral. Never let your back hunch over. Keep your back straight, your head up and…
  4. Always start low. Keep your hips parallel to your knees and always below your shoulders.
  5. *&+#@^…a little cat just stepped in front of the computer, demanding attention. Surely #5 had to be great tip, but no idea what it was… Maybe this is why mother always warned us against letting someone else do our homework?
  6. Pull the bar into you and
  7. Keep your knees out. You might have a tendency to let your knees roll inward when you go for the pull. To avoid wearing your knee out by twisting them in this uncomfortable fashion.
    Weightlifting training and tips Denver

    To clean more weight, make sure the bar lands right in the “pocket” of a full extension pull

    All you’ll accomplish is a knee injury and before you know it you can barely lift yourself off of the couch. If your knees are out, you won’t wear at your knees when you pull and…

  8. Make contact with your hips. You always want the bar to make contact with your body right at the top of your hip where your pockets are. Have you ever heard your trainer yell “pocket, pocket!” when the bar makes contact with your body? That’s where that comes from. From having to pull the bar into you, right in the “pocket”.
  9. No jumping jacks. When you pull and get under the weight, your feet should go from hip width to shoulder width. Don’t move them out so far it looks like you’re about to start doing jumping jacks. If your stance is too wide you can’t get low enough and your knees will twist inward and down. See number 7 if you’ve already forgotten why that is bad.
  10. Get a full extension on your pull. To get the right pull to land the bar in the pocket you need to get your whole body into it.
  11. Get a long first pull and stay covered. When you go from the floor to a standing position, stay bent over as long as you can before going into the full pull extension pull yourself under the weight.
    This is Henry, the reason you didn't get tip number 5 and 14

    This is Henry, the reason you didn’t get tips 5 or 14. No one to blame, look at that face…

  12. Get yourself into the power position. Shoulders back, knees out, weight on your heels and the bar in the pocket aaaaand…
  13. Catch a perfect deep squat. Your torso is vertical, your hamstrings are resting on your calves, elbows are high, spine is neutral and your weight is on your heels.
  14. (see number 5)
  15. Quick tip for tall athletes: If you’ve got long legs you may have noticed you knees get in the way of a smooth pull motion. To avoid hitting your knees on the way up and throwing yourself out of position (and bruising your knees), go “toe out”. This will also point your knees out, and keep them out of the way when you go for the pull.

The next five tips are all about building strength you so can snatch more weight. Once you have the perfect technique, now you need to add on the pounds – on the barbell and possibly on your body.

Dead lift

To put on more weight and muscle, add more heavy pulls to your WOD.

  1. More heavy squats. Don’t bother doing overhead squats, just stick to heavy back squats.
  2. More heavy pulls.
  3. More bent over rows. These help strengthen your upper back and it’s the number one thing missing from most Crossfitters strength building routine. Add this to your WOD or training and build strength in your upper back and shoulders and creating more stability when you snatch, clean and jerk.
  4. Get bigger. Bigger muscles are stronger, stronger muscles can lift more weight. Increase your body mass, bulk up, put on some weight. You can always lean back down. Ladies, you should aim for the 140lb+ range. Gentlemen, you want to be at least 185lbs if not into the 200s.
  5. More lifting, less metconning. Metcon is great for improving your cardio and your stamina, but it won’t help you snatch more weight. For that, you need to lift more, and then lift a little more.
  6. Record your lifts. Keeping track of you progress, as well as your setbacks, will help you continue to improve. It forces you to be realistic, and it allows you to share your stats with fellow lifters who can lend support and advice.

Ok, so we only gave you 19 out of 21 tips… and a cute cat photo. That should still get you at least a B+ if you take a weightlifting quiz.

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