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Get your 15.3 scores in by Monday 6pm!

Get your 15.3 scores in by Monday 6pm

How do athletes reach their maximum potential and strength? If you’ve been watching the CrossFit Games and are working as hard as you can on Open 15.3, you  have to wonder how some people reach incredible levels of performance and others struggle year after year. Well, you came to the right place! The coaches Project Fitness Rise listen to your goals and help you improve your performance training. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your training both in Denver and in Stapleton. 

 Tips from the Box

  1. Listen to the experts. We’re not talking about the guy on tv or whatever video you found online. You need to listen to your coach, they’re not only experts, they train with you, they know you, they listen and they’ll hold you accountable to your goals. Listening to your coaches and taking an active role in your training is also the best way to improve performance, technique and avoid any injuries.
  2. Get plenty of rest.  Of course you’ve heard this at home since you were a  kid, and guess what? Mamma was right! But now that we’re talking performance, rest is non negotiable. You need at least 8 hours of sleep per night, not just the day before you train. If you’re serious about improving your performance training, you need to change your schedule drastically to make sure you get your sleep.
  3. Days off. Yes! At least one, maybe even two (and sometimes three!) days away from the gym each week is also needed to rest your body. You know this, muscle need rest to grow and adapt in order to have the strength to function to the max and avoid injuries.
  4. Seek intensity over volume. The more intense the workout, the better your adaptation will be. So hit your workouts strong. Our coaching staff will always be impressed by intensity, and not by volume. This can be as simple as using a lighter weight and moving faster instead of going to heavy and having to rest. High intensity power training is the key to improving maximal aerobic capacity and decreasing body fat percentage.
  5. Technique, technique and a little more technique. Focus on improving your technique. Each workout is a chance to refine and improve your movement, and more efficient movement means better workouts! So when the coaches nag again and again on your technique, it’s not about the looks, the technique will get your performance training where you want it to go. 
  6. Stay fueled. Eating for high output training like we do at Project Rise is not just about the choosing the right amounts, its about the developing the correct eating habits that will aid your recovery and performance in the gym. Granted, most of us don’t even have an idea of what goes into our body. But no single athlete gets to the top without the proper fuel. If you need help, as most of us do, again you’re in the right place! Our nutrition coaching can teach you to make better food choices.Performance Training at ProjectRiseFitness

Need better performance results? Get them at our two locations: Denver and Stapleton.

If you are committed to getting into the best shape of their life, you are welcome at our box, no matter your fitness level. We can coach you as you aim for the goal of becoming the best, strongest and leanest version of yourself.

Group Training at project Fitness Rise

Project Fitness Rise is a performance based training facility that offers two entirely different tracks of programming: “Life and “Sport”, that effectively address any fitness goal. We deliver our diversified product in a group-training format with a perfect combination of high intensity and functional fitness training methodologies. Sound like you? Learn more about our Fitness Programs in Denver.


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