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You wouldn’t think so, but high intensity workouts are great for people with heart disease or diabetes. Even people with arthritis and Parkinson’s disease have dropped the modest aerobic activities of the past for high intensity workouts that are taking over the fitness scene. Say goodbye to Jane Fonda and say hello to burpees and bear crawls.

Short, intense and fun group exercises with plenty of rest in between can help prevent chronic diseases like heart disease.

Every level of fitness is welcome at our boxes in Denver and Stapleton for fun, intense and functional training.

Just because you suffer from a chronic health problem doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a life of inactivity. It turns out that intense, yet efficient exercise is much more effective, even for people with diabetes and heart disease. This type of training will also help prevent or reverse chronic ailments.

Pushing your body to the limit in brief spurts have proven much more effective than your 20-30 minute jogs around the neighborhood. If you are suffering from heart disease you may be scared to put too much pressure on your heart, but getting that sucker pumping for 30 seconds followed by rest has proven to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and mechanical functions.

Performance training for better life quality

Improve your flexibility, mobility and strength and start enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

High intensity cardio training in Denver and Stapleton

Our coaches and nutritionist in Denver and Stapleton can help any person at any age and any fitness level become the fittest and healthiest person they can be. We’ll teach your new techniques and workouts to help you get fit and healthy and work your heart and your muscles to your capacity. We recognize that everyone who joins our box has different needs and different skills. Our life program will help you get healthy with daily workouts, group exercises and ever changing intensely fun exercises. We’ll improve your flexibility, mobility and strength in no time. And we have nutritionist on staff that can help you eat to improve your health, not impede it, even if you are suffering from a chronic disease.  Talk to your doctor to make sure that high intensity training would work for you, and then stop by Denver or Stapleton today and sign up for a free class or a free 30 minute session with a nutrition coach.

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