Want to increase productivity at work?

We can make that happen.

Improving health and wellness is a long term change that can be achieved through exercise, healthy eating, and community

What We Do:

  • Build teams
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce sick days (ask about our study)
  • Promote healthy competition
  • Manage the wellness programs & save executive’s time

Incorporating our wellness program at your company can lead to:

  • Friends at work
  • Reduced sick days
  • Greater productivity due to increased energy
  • Improved employee morale
  • Less employee turnover

Our Recent Clients

“Adding the Rise Wellness Program has been a huge success. Having a healthy mindset around the office has changed the dynamics of the workplace. There are now discussions about healthy meals and the latest workout employees did together. This has not only increased employee productivity but has made my team grow closer.”

Naul Manthe – Owner, Marrick Medical

Thank you for putting together the fitness challenge! After being in pain every day and during every walk, run, stair or step during the last 2 YEARS and experiencing debilitating exhaustion, finally being pain free for the last 6 weeks has been life changing. The challenge was just what I needed to get back on track with a shotgun blast! !!! So thank you again for the “ignite.”

Angela Fox – Remax Urban Properties

What is Included: Rise Wellness Package


6-month Program includes 2 challenges
12-month Program includes all 4 challenges

  • Sweat Equity – a 21-day challenge focused on goal setting & burning calories
  • IN & OUT – 21-day challenge focused on nutrition & exercise
  • Summer Detox – 5-day nutrition detox designed to reset after a slump that often happens during the summer
  • Fight the Fluff – a 21-day nutrition challenge focused on getting you ready for the holiday season


30-minute Seminar

Seminars can include…

  • Making healthy food choices at work
  • Snacks, travel tips, & meal prepping
  • Goal planning – What’s your why?
  • Quantity, quality & timing of food
  • Women need to eat differently
  • Healthy eating – how to stay motivated
  • Which diet should I follow?

Heart Rate Monitor (HR Monitor)

A free app on employee’s smart phone allows them to:

  • Track heart rate from anywhere in the world using the HR monitor system
  • Check out each other’s workouts via the social components
  • See rankings via a competitive leaderboard

Gym Memberships

All employees have access to our gym. We offer group classes, including two workout options in every class with a cardio or strength focus. If class times do not work, we also offer open gym – daily access to our machines and weights on your own time.

Individual Nutrition Coaching

  • FREE 30-minute individual nutrition planning session
  • Unlimited Q&A access with our certified nutritionist
  • 36 handouts ranging from snack and meal prep ideas to tips for staying on track when relatives are in town. You name it we have a quick resource for it.

Restaurant Resource Guide

We identify healthy restaurants close by the office and create menus for your employees to help them make good choices when going to lunch.

Company Food Improvement

We examine company-provided snack options and make suggestions of ways to improve options within budget. We provide a list of healthy catering services close by and a menu from which to order for all company events.

What to Expect from Project Rise

  • Handle employee communications via a preset email template & video series
  • Provide employees a calendar with dates of events
  • Tally challenge scores on a weekly basis & share results
  • Explain the proper use of the HR monitor

What Project Rise Expects from You

  • Excitement & a competitive spirit
  • Attendance at a 1-hour, 1-time planning session to coordinate challenge dates and establish communication channels
  • Internal communication of the calendar of events

Program Pricing

Challenge Only
Product Price
HR Monitor Rental $99/ Person
HR Monitor Purchase $149/ Person*

*Heart Rate Monitor system alone retails for $159

6-month Program
Monthly Price $49/ Employee

*Includes a Heart Rate Monitor for employees to keep

12-month Program
Monthly Price $35/ Employee

*Includes a Heart Rate Monitor for employees to keep

Total Commitment Breakdown
Duration Number of Employees Price
6 Months 15 – 50 employees  $4,410 -$14,700
12 Months 15 – 50 employees $6,300 – $21,000
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