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Schools are back in full swing and freshman all over the country are packing on the infamous “freshman 15”. But, although it’s a time-honored tradition, there are ways that you can avoid this phenomenon.

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Keep off the freshman 15, or help burn them off with High-Intensity Training

Although the freshman 15 may seem like a rite of passage for every college student, wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid it all together. For one, you’re a poor college student, you can’t afford to buy new clothes two sizes bigger. Two, being a freshman on campus, being on your own for the first time is stressful enough. First impressions are everything. It’s hard to be yourself when you’re weighed down by extra pounds and feeling less than confident. Third, you just don’t have time to exercise. There are way more interesting things to explore once you get off to college, spending your time on a treadmill is just not worth your time.

Performance based, high-intensity interval training is perfect for college students

Hello, high-intensity interval training. This is a busy college student’s best friend. Finding a box to work out in gives you daily workout routines that you can do yourself at home, in your dorm or wherever. Programs are designed to give you maximum strength, flexibility, and mobility training in fast-paced, highly intense exercises. And, the daily changes in the workout means that you won’t get bored.

Lose weight at your local box in Denver and Stapleton

Get started with personal training at your local box.

For the days when you have a little more time, or you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, getting to a box for a group workout with like-minded people is just what you need to get your adrenaline pumping, rejuvenate your mind and get your energy flowing in the right direction.

Keep your mind and body sharp with High-Intensity Training

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Get nutrition coaching at our box, and avoid the proverbial “freshman 15”.

Some of you are probably also nearing your first midterms. Midterms mean added stress. Added stress means stress eating. Stress eating means comfort food, not brain food. Comfort food means you’ll be stretching out those jeans before you get to your Christmas break.

That’s right, we said Christmas. After the stress eating midterms comes the holidays, and holiday food, and holiday desserts, sweets, and treats. This is the time when your dedication to health and fitness is tested once and for all. Your local box is here to help, support and keep you motivated so that your mind and body will be sharp. Not just for your college years, but for the rest of your life.

So, to sum up, give your body and your mind a fighting chance and get your cute little freshman behind to the box while you can still squeeze into your fitness clothes.

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