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How many of you have looked at someone swinging a kettle bell incorrectly and thought “that can’t be good for their back” No sport is injury free. Fortunately, we know how to help you train correctly, using the right techniques and body positions avoid serious injuries. Taking time off for an injury will limit your growth and we want you to progress at Project Rise, not regress! So let us help you train and avoid injuries.

Let your body and your muscles relax after a high intensity workout to avoid overuse injuries.

Let your body and your muscles relax after a high intensity workout to avoid overuse injuries.

There are two types of injuries: immediate and overuse. An immediate injury usually happens if you are distracted, like swinging a kettle bell into your shin or stubbing your toe into a barbell because you weren’t paying attention. For immediate injuries, the only advice we can give you is: look out! For overuse injuries, there are a few things that we can do as trainers and you can do as a trainee to avoid straining, pulling or overusing your body.

Tips to avoid overuse injuries

  1. A good stretch after a training session can help prevent strains and pulls.

    A good stretch after a training session can help prevent strains and pulls.

    Relax – Don’t rush your progress. We love that you want to come 6 days a week, but your body will eventually resist your need for another WOD and “bam” you’re stuck on the couch with a messed up back! You also need to let your muscles regenerate after an intense workout. Try 3 days on, 2 days off. Or if you’re just starting out and new to this type of high intensity training go two times in a row and then take a day off. And talk to our trainers if you feel something isn’t right. Listen to your body.

  2. Stretch and flex – When you’re giving your whole core a full workout; you also have to give your body a full head to toe stretch. Mobility, flexibility and suppleness will help your muscles regenerate after a full training session. Check out our WOD for ways to build mobility and flexibility. Our trainers are watching you, we can spot mobility limitations a mile away and we’ll keep your fitness program geared to your mobility and strength.
  3. Take it down a notch – Project Risers are hard core when it comes to their fitness and training regimens. But if you feel a strain or pull the best thing you can do for yourself is to take your intensity down a few notches. If you need to drop your intensity down to 70% for a few WOD and group training sessions, don’t feel guilty. We’ve all had to do it at one point or another. Better to take it easy for a few sessions, rather than dealing with a serious injury for months on end.
  4. Sleep – a good night’s sleep will do any body good. This is when your body heals. Try to give it about 8 hours of peace and quiet to heal up for your next WOD.

Individual and group high intensity training in Denver and Stapleton

Working out in our box means you are serious about your fitness. Our professional trainers around to help you achieve your goals and help you avoid injuries as you are getting into the best shape of your life. All of the Project Rise trainers are hard core Crossfitters, so we know what we are doing when we assist you in your training. We know how to spot your limitations when it comes to strength and mobility and we’re constantly watching for the correct positions to make sure you are not going to get injured. We’re here to push you to the limit, not push you over the edge. We want to change your life with fat burning cardio sessions, or help you reach new goals in sport. If you’re looking a fun, unconventional training program to help you become the most bad-ass version of yourself, Project Rise Fitness is your gym.

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