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Project Rise Fitness Stapleton – Open Gym

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general easy (No Measure)

8min amrap

300 row

10 squats

10 lunge and twist

10 sit ups

10 shoulder press with empty bar
Make the row shorter for kids – 100m and shoulder press with trainer or PVC depending on strength

W1: Metcon (Time)

150 Burpees

150 Goblet Squats (35/26)

150 Situps

150 OH Lunges with WB (20/14)

Accumulate 3000m rowing. You can row at any point but must follow the order listed above movements otherwise.

Kids Modifications:

-Air Squats or Lighter KB for Goblet Squats

-Lighter WB for overhead lunges or hold an AB mat overhead

Teams of 3-4


Spend 2 Minutes Cumulative in each:

Child’s Pose

Bottom of Squat

Couch Stretch

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