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Project Rise Fitness Stapleton, Project Rise Fitness Denver – WOD

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Warm up – Rise Barbell #2 (No Measure)

300 row slow

150 row fast

2 rounds (W/PVC)

10 snatch DL

10 hang shrug high pull

10 OHS

6 snatch

S1: Project Rise Beep Test (AMRAP – Rounds)

“Project Rise Beep Test”

EMOM for as long as possible, add 1 rep

per minute until failure.

2 Thrusters

2 KB Swings

2 Burpees

Rx+: 95/65, 70/53

Rx:75/55, 53,35

Sp: Empty Barbell, 35/26

*This is treated as a death by. You will add 1 rep per minute until failure. “EMOM/Death By” will begin at 2 reps.

** Score is highest round completed.

S2: King Kong (Time)

“King Kong”

3 rounds for time:

1 Deadlift

2 Ring Muscle Ups

3 Squat Cleans

4 Handstand Push-ups

RX++: 455/300, 250/165

Rx+: 385/250, 215/125

Rx: 315/215, 185/105

Sp: Less than or equal to 255/170, 155/105 and modified gymnastics.

*Coaches note – If you do not have the gymnastics for this workout. Ask your coach whats best to modify. Write in notes exact modifications. Any Gymnastic modification is automatically in the sprint category.

L1: L1-17 EMOM (No Measure)

17 min EMOM

1 min: 80 flutter kicks

2 min: 12/8 assault bike

3 min: 1 min row 80 strokes per minute arms only.

15-17 min: 15 reps each leg each position Gluten Free. 3 positions

– dog peeing on fire hydrant

– poke leg back straight back

– create hook in leg and move upward.

L2: 4 rounds stairs, side lunge, row, punch (Time)

4 rounds

8 stair climbs (If too cold at stape do 8 lunges per climb)

16 KB front rack side lunges 35/18

32 cal row

64 DB punches 10/5

AUX: AUX – core mobility (No Measure)

3 x 15m lid slide reverse v up (push up pos. lid on feet and slide to top)

2 min with LAX ball in upper back and chest

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