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Project Rise Fitness Stapleton, Project Rise Fitness Denver – WOD

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Coaches Choice plus cardio (No Measure)

500M row or 400 run.

S1: Sport – Running Hulk hogan (Time)

Mini “Hulk Hogan” (team of 2)

Every 4 minutes for 24 mins:

200m run (together)

5 Muscle ups

10 Power Cleans,

20 Burpees

Score= slowest round. One athlete working at a time share reps

Rx+ 185/135, As Written

Rx: 135/95, 18 C2B

Sp: 95/65, 21 Pull-Ups

L1: Life medium row (Time)

1000m row (every 250m do 40 mountain climbers)

800m run (every 200m do 20 air squats)

60 GHD sit ups (every 15 do 4 stair runs)

60 burpees (every 15 rest :20 seconds)

6wkch: 6wk – team, no equipment + holds (Time)

With a partner

1000m row (While partner holds plank)

4x200m run (while parter hold wall sit)

16 stair climbs (while partner hold DB overhead 20/10-5lbs)

AUX: aux – bicep (No Measure)

3×20 bicep curls

4 min sit on feet. keep ankles underneath.

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