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Project Rise Fitness Denver, Project Rise Fitness Stapleton – WOD

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General Warm Up F (No Measure)

2 min bike row or run.

2 rounds

10 pole squats

10 banded side steps

10 Ab Mat Sit Ups

S1: S1 – DB Lunge + pull ups (Weight)

16 min EMOM

Min 0-2: warm up

Min 2: 8 DB step ups

Min 3: 3-5 pull up or MU

Min 4: 8 DB step ups

Min 5: 3-5 pull up or MU

Min 6: 8 DB step ups

Min 7: 3-5 pull up or MU

Min 8: 8 DB step ups

Min 9: 3-5 pull up or MU

Min 10: 8 DB step ups

Min 11: 3-5 pull up or MU

Min 12: 8 DB step ups

Min 14: 8 DB step ups

If you don’t have Pull ups work on Kip during odd minutes.

S2: Sport – Franks birthday (AMRAP – Reps)

14 min clock

200m run or row

10 OHS empty bar

10 burpees

MAX jump rope

Score is max jump rope in 14 min. If you make a mistake you have to start the row again.

RX+: double unders 95/65lbs

RX: single unders

SP: 3 mistakes before you start again.

If you don’t want to do jump rope you can sub for 1 min sprint on the assault bike each round. score = total cal on assault bike

CHANGE: 10-14 min

L1: L1 – 16 min flutter, sprint, thrust,side lunge (No Measure)

16 min EMOM

Min 1: 80 Flutter Kicks (4 Count)

MIn 2: 24 wood choppers 25/15lbs

Min 3: 20 Double KB Front squats 26/18lbs

Min 4: 30 Lateral Side to Side Lunges

RX: As written

SP: 18/10lbs, 15/10lbs

JUST MOVE: half reps/time

L2: Life – 5rnds,DBsntach,pushup,DBsquat run (Time)

5 rounds

10 push ups

15 DB snatch

20 DB squats (one DB in goblet position)

400m run or row

RX: 30/20lbs

SP: 20/10lbs

JUST MOVE: Every 3 min rest 1 min

AUX: AUX – Hollow (No Measure)

3×15 hollow rocks or :20 hollow hold

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