While our coaches come from a wide variety of coaching backgrounds, the common thread in all of our careers is our love for high intensity, functional fitness training methodologies.

Regardless of your ability level or goals we have the coaching, expertise and knowledge to get you where you want to be in the safest, most efficient way possible.

It’s our primary goal to help you look, feel and perform better. To accomplish this we offer goal focused training programs instead of a one size fits all approach.

Project Rise Fitness workouts are a constantly varied blend of time-tested training methods and unconventional techniques done in a fun, focused and motivating group environment. All of our workouts are scalable to meet your current ability level – all that really matters is what you want to achieve in the gym!

Life Sport program

Here are the core beliefs of our training programs:

  • Quality of movement is more important than quantity of movement.
  • You will be held accountable to the goals that are set.
  • Your training here is preparation for the real world – adventure, sports and whatever else life may throw at you.

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