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No matter how diligently you stick to your fitness plan, at some point, every person will hit that weight loss plateau, and all of a sudden the scale stands still and your progress seems to be at a standstill. Sometimes it feels more like a wall, than simply a plateau. This is perfectly normal, albeit incredibly frustrating. Project Rise Fitness coaches have seen our share of plateaus, and we’re here to help you stay motivated through the tough times, and not “fall off the fitness wagon”!


Take advantage of our trainers & nutrition coaches to get past the weight-loss plateau

Project Rise Fitness coaches
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Call it a wall, call it a plateau. Just don’t call it off! Keep reminding yourself that this is perfectly normal, and everyone goes through this. This is the time to stay even more focused on your goals, to take advantage of our on staff of nutrition coaches and group training workouts. Maybe it’s time to get some individual training to help you get over the hump. This is when you need to take full advantage of everything Project Rise Fitness has to offer. We are here to help you and to hold you accountable for your set goals, whether they are to improve your life or to help you with achievements in sport.

When you hit a wall, your mind is a wonderful tool. Sounds a little hippy-dippy, but you can visualize yourself to success. Remind yourself of why you are looking for a change, try to remember what is working for you at the moment and don’t just put all your energy into what the scale is telling you. Being a lifer means that you want to improve your whole lifestyle and the success of that is measured in many ways.

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“Life” & “Sport” training sessions can help you achieve your fitness goals

  • Are you more active than before?
  • Are you sleeping better at night?
  • Do your clothes fit better?
  • Are you in a better mood?
  • Are you getting more compliments than usual?

All of these are signs that your fitness plan is working. So what if the scale isn’t cooperating? Don’t worry, just stick to your plan and the scale will catch up eventually. And when we say your plan, we mean it. Don’t compare your success to anyone else’s, you are unique and your body will react to your new lifestyle differently than other people. This is not a competition; it’s about improving your life, making you fitter, healthier and happier. And the secret to your success is to begin to understand your body, how you react to different food and exercise. This isn’t your “one size fits all” training facility; we keep it fun, active, and unconventional. You may hit a plateau, we all do eventually, but you’ll never be bored, and we can get past it!

Achieve your life and sport fitness goals at Project Rise Fitness in Colorado

Get fit the fun way, with high intensity, unconventional training programs in Stapleton and Denver.

Get fit the fun way with high intensity, unconventional training programs in Stapleton and Denver

Improve your life by joining Project Rise Fitness in Denver or Stapleton, we’ll help you set goals and achieve them in the most efficient and fun way possible with group and individual training, as well as nutrition coaching. We can also help you achieve your goals in your chosen sport or activity. Everyone has different goals and different measures of success, that’s why we tailor each fitness plan to the specific person. Getting fit, healthy and achieving your goals has never been more intense, fun and exciting than at Project Rise Fitness. Don’t believe us? Try a class for free!

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