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A calorie is a calorie! Whether you get your calories from cookies or Kale, as long as you burn more than you binge you will still lose weight. If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) is the latest diet/ nutrition trend to sweep the nation. It’s a non-restrictive diet that doesn’t discriminate against “unclean” foods, as long as you are staying within your allotted macros.

Nutrition coaching and weight loss in Denver and Stapleton

No food is off limits. If It Fits Your Macros, you can eat sweets and still lose weight.

No food is off limits If It Fits Your Macros

If you want to lose weight, but the thought of never eating another burger makes you sad, then this may just be the diet for you’ve been waiting for. The IIFYM diet brings us back to the good old days of figuring out what your daily caloric needs are, depending on how much your burn on the daily. Then you split your allowed daily calorie intake into three categories that supporters of IIFYM believe to be the most effective ratio for weight loss while building muscles and maintaining your energy levels.

  • 40% carbohydrates
  • 40% protein
  • 20% fat

Once you’ve calculated your daily calorie allowance all you have to do is to be disciplined and stay within your quota. It doesn’t matter if you eat a carrot or a slice of carrot cake: If It Fits Your Macros, then you can eat it and still lose weight. That means that you could technically get rid of your muffin top by eating muffins, or get rid of your cottage cheese thighs with a cheeseburger. As long as your don’t bite off more calories than your burn, you’re on the right track to losing weight.

Nutrition coaching and interval training in Denver and Stapleton

Get the help of our nutrition coaches to help you calculate how many calories your burn on a given day.

Calculating your allowed daily calory intake

The tricky part of this diet is calculating your calories correctly. If you’re not honest about how much you burn vs. how much you binge, the whole equation falls apart. If you think that IIFYM will work for you and your lifestyle, then we suggest you work with one of our nutrition coaches to get a realistic breakdown of your macros based on your activity level.

What tends to happen with diets like this, is that everything becomes too calculated and by the time the novelty has worn off – usually about two weeks – we start to guestimate. And we start to cheat. It’s the “one more bite won’t kill me” mentality. And you’re right, it won’t kill you. But, just a few more bites of that chocolate fudge brownie, or another scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy, hell, even another fruit smoothie will quickly put you over your allowed daily intake of calories. Unless you get in a few more WODs, you’re going to be consuming more calories than you are burning, and you’ll start gaining weight instead of losing weight

Get personalized nutrition coaching in Denver and Stapleton

Whether it’s the restrictive diets, like The Whole 30, or the non-restrictive diets like IIFYM, all diets require you to be disciplined and dedicated.

Losing weight is one thing, being healthy is another. Getting all your fats from ice cream might allow you to drop some pounds, but is it going to make you healthy? Fitness and health are a matter of finding the right lifestyle, the right nutrition plan, and the right training program to keep you strong and energetic.

Don’t just change your diet, change your way of life with high-intensity interval training, functional fitness, and a personalized nutrition plan!


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