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Get the most out of your performance training at Project Rise Fitness in Denver and Stapleton

A very interesting study, conducted in 2013 by exercise scientist from Ohio State University was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, stating that high intensity power training, like the performance training at Project Rise Fitness, improves maximal aerobic capacity and decreases body fat percentage in both men and women of all fitness levels. We already knew it, we just thought you’d like the stats. The results where complied after 10 weeks of training… 10 weeks, that’s not much. You can commit to 10 weeks training with us and see it for yourself!

What are training sessions like at our box?

Actually, we have two locations, one in Denver at 2115 S Birch Street and one in Stapleton at 10255 E 25th Avenue in Aurora.

At both Project Rise Fitness, we work with high-intensity power training. In our “Life and “Sport” group training we work through a tailored mix of strength and conditioning exercises that include functional training and aerobic movements, body weight exercises, gymnastic moves and Olympic weight lifting at high intensity. It’s an hour long train session that never gets old, our workouts are constantly varied and truly get you fit and strong, fast and it shows! As we said, studies prove it, but you you better come see it for yourself.

No matter what your fitness level is, there’s a place for you here, and this place makes you look and feel better. Our coaches are committed to helping you set fitness goals and hold you accountable to reaching them, through our training and nutrition coaching.

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Ready To Get In The Best Shape of Your Life?

Are you committed to getting into the best shape of their life? Don’t let your current fitness level be an excuse. We coach you towards the best, strongest and leanest you there could possibly be through performance based training that can effectively address any fitness goal. Learn more about our Fitness Programs in Denver.


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