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stand up paddle board with kidsWhen you enter the Stapleton Strong Summer Challenge you are supporting your kids’ school  and making yourself healthier, stronger and fitter. But don’t let it stop there. Since you already have the kids’ interest, why not make them an active part of your training? They can help you win points for your team and you’ll get them involved and motivated to lead their own active, healthy lifestyles. Your kids can become your own personal Project Rise Fitness – right in your own backyard.

Your kids are your own personal high intensity trainers

We tell our kids to go outside and play all the time, so why are we not following our own advice? Project Rise Fitness wants you and your kids to get motivated and start leading active, healthy lives. Instead of making your group or individual workout a separate thing from playing with your kids, start combining the two. Your kids will be much more motivated when they see you train, and they don’t see you training when you are at the gym.

Carrying your kid around on your back is a great way to train while you're not at the gym.

Carrying your kid around on your back is a great way to train while you’re not at the gym.

Our trainers can help you get started, set goals and motivate you to train the right way. Soon you’ll notice that it’s much easier to keep up with your kids at the park, on the playground or right in your own back yard. Next time you get home from the gym, don’t just sit back and watch your kids play; get out there and have some fun together:

  • Climb trees
  • Race up a hill
  • Wrestle
  • Jump rope and hula-hoop (yes, even the dads!)
  • Give your kids a piggy back ride when you are simply walking about town
  • Lift your kids up in the air – or throw them, if you are at the pool
  • Let them do pull-ups on your arms
  • Play sports
  • Play the airplane game (Lie on your back, lift them with your arms and legs and let them “fly”)

Your kids are a never ending WOD, and making them part of your training will motivate them much more than just telling them to go outside and play by themselves. Plus you’ll see the results soon enough, without even realizing that you were training. And that is the essence of the Project Rise Fitness programs. Fun, active and high intensity lifestyles, where you feel, look and perform better.

Motivate your kids

Even a simple hike is a great way to motivate yourself and your kids to be active and healthy. For added fun, challenge your kid to a race up the hill.


High intensity, fun and personalized
training at Project Rise FitnessPrint

Being healthy is a lifestyle, and at Project Rise Fitness our trainers can help you get fit with high intensity, fun and unconventional training programs to keep you motivated for a lifetime. We have workouts for any fitness level and we’re always switching it up so you never get bored of the same old routine. This is your training facility, we’re just here to support your fitness goals and hold you accountable. Also, our trainers will make sure you reach your goals in the safest way possible.

You can join the group classes or go for individual training … or both. We’re a high intensity performance based training facility with top notch trainers who are here to make sure you have fun the whole way through, while achieving your long term goal of being the most badass version of yourself. And on the days where you are not training, you can apply those same concepts and be active with your kids. Have fun and get healthy!


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