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Project Rise Fitness Stapleton, Project Rise Fitness Denver – WOD

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Warm up – Olympic swimmer/runner (No Measure)

400m run or 2 minutes of this dance

2 rounds

15 bent over arm slaps (Like Phelps)

20 flutter kicks

10 donkey kicks

10 jumping squats

10 calf pedals

Followed by splashing water on your face and kissing your necklace (optional)

S1: The Other Total (Total Weight)

Bench Press
Overhead Squat
5 min warm up

5 min clock for each lift.

teams of 3 each start at one of the lifts and rotate every 5 minutes


3×5 reps of each movement at 75%


S2: Sport – 20,15,10,5 light BB (Time)

20,15,10,5 reps always row 500

Front squats 95/65

Shoulder to overhead 95/65

500M row

RX+ 135/95

RX as written

SP 75/45

L2: Life – row,line jump,fonda,KBS (Time)

5 rounds

200 run or 10/7 cal bike (no row)

30 skier line jumps

30 banded half squats.

20 Russian KB swings 35/26

:30 stand on one foot, eyes closed, hands out to side, leg up (helps with proprioception)

RX: as written

SP: 35/18

6 WK:26/10 skier line steps

L1: L1 – ass,highknee,kbs,twist (No Measure)

20 min EMOM:

min 1: arm only assault 8/6 cals

min 2: 100 high knees

min 3: 30 banded delt raise (band at feet) red/orange

min 4: 25 russian twists with KB 26/18

RX: as Written

SP: 18/10lbs

AUX: AUX – Couch stretch (No Measure)

2 min Each side

Kids Warm Up Game

K1: Coaches Choice (No Measure)

Kids Strength/Skill

K2: Handstands

Handstand Push ups/Wall Walks

Kids WOD

K3: K3 Squat, KB AMRAP (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12min AMRAP

10 squats on top of box

10 Kettle bell swings

10m crab walk

10 hanging knee tucks

Rx+ Box jump and squat on top for all 10 reps

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