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EVERYONE has “exercise” on their to-do list. Most of you probably had it as a New Year’s resolution. And what happened? You trained for a month or two and then quickly forgot about it again. The good news is you’re not alone. The bad news is; you’re still not getting to the box. It’s time to get motivated once and for all, and we’ve brought sexy science to help you get off the couch and start training again.

Performance training for better life quality

Making yourself feel something positive is the first step to motivating yourself to get to the box and start training.

Your brain says “go to the box”, but your heart says “I don’t feel like it yet”. No matter how logically our brain explains the benefits of exercise – even reminding you how good you felt after the last time you trained – our emotions often get in the way of all that annoying logic. Why is that? An article from TIME Magazine tries to make light of this frustrating phenomenon.

High Intensity Group Training in Denver at Project Rise

If you skip your daily run, no one notices but you. If you skip a group training session, EVERYBODY notices!

To sum up the article, there are three motivational steps backed by science.

  1. Stay positive – Shaming and guilting yourself every time you skip a workout is a surefire way never to get you back in the gym. Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions. All the logical thinking in the world will win over emotions. If you’re in a funk, and it’s preventing you from training, it’s time to flip the script and turn those negative emotions into positive ones.
  2. Treat. Yo. Self. – Celebrate every small success. Rewards are awesome, they’ll help you feel happy, happy people are more easily motivated. And once you get to the box, our WOD will give you a much-needed dose of endorphins, which are a treat all on their own.
  3. Peer pressure – You don’t often hear someone advocate for peer pressure, but when it comes to motivation, having someone holding you accountable is a great motivator to stay on track and reach your goals. At our box, our trainers, and nutrition coaches will hold you accountable for your goals.

See you at the box!

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