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Alex Takacs

My name is Alex Takacs. I was born in the Southside of Chicago and moved to Colorado when I was 2 years old. I spent most of my childhood trying to win at anything that required being physical or eating. Spending my youth playing soccer, basketball, and football I found my athletic spirit that drives me today. In my teenage years I started to partake in individual sports such as snowboarding, skating, and rock climbing, these things helped me appreciate the almost art like ability of human movement expressed in different environments.

After my teenage years I worked 2 years in Yosemite National Park as a trail crew worker and later worked with the Northwest Colorado Interagency Fire Management Unit and the Craig Hotshots in Craig, CO as a Wildland Firefighter.

Maintaining my fitness was key in these jobs and the best way I found to stay fit and strong was through CrossFit. In the fall of 2012 I began participating and coaching CrossFit classes in Denver. This fed my desire to compete and educate.

CrossFit has opened up a world of opportunity for me. In the last 3 years I have coached, managed, and develop CrossFit classes and gyms. I have had the amazing opportunity to work with ABC’s Extreme Weightloss Season 4 and Season 5 as their CrossFit Coach during their time in Denver.

I love helping people feel good, look good, and get strong! School is never out for me as I have many fitness and CrossFit certifications. I take my athletes and clients seriously but not myself. My passion is to inspire and educate. Look forward to meeting you guys!

Athletic Background

2012 Rhino’s and Unicorns (Grace)
2012 Winter Wodfest
2013 Colorado Open (20th)
2013 Turkey Challenge (12th place team)


CrossFit level 1
USAW Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Endurance
Athlete Cell Seminar attendee

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