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Beau Barkley

Hey what’s up guys?!  My name is Beau Barkley. I’m one of the coaches here at Project Rise Fitness.  I live with my wife, a new baby girl, my “tween” stepdaughter, and miniature female spaniel dog.  Yep, it’s just me and a bunch of chicks.  At one point this was a fantasy but has dramatically changed into a living nightma… just kidding, I love them all very much!!:) I was born in Custer, SD but lived most of my life in WY.  I have also lived in Montana, Florida, and now Colorado!  You know what the say, fifth time’s a charm.

I have a pretty amazing job and am very thankful that Caleb took a chance on me.  For starters, what most people call their pajamas, I get to call my work uniform.  So that’s pretty awesome.  Second, I get to drop everything and dance if the right song comes on.  There is just something about the right groove that just takes control of my body, mind and soul. But on a serious note, I get to be around amazing people that are trying to better themselves everyday.  I love watching people light up when they do something that they never thought possible.  Whether it be a first pull up, or a first muscle up, it’s always amazing to witness. The people that I get to work with are the icing on the cake.  We get to watch each other grow as people and help build this amazing community.


Fitness background:

I grew up playing your pretty standard sports as a kid: soccer, baseball, basketball, football.  Then in junior high I started gearing more towards action sports:  Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Freestyle BMX, and playing Pogs.  Even though they were a lot more fun, they came with quite a few injuries, especially the Pogs.  

I then started weight training in high school.  I would go in before school and lift weights, then go to McDonalds on my way to class.  I was young, dumb, and oblivious to how important nutrition was.  Being a little more educated, I go to McDonalds before AND after training ;)  

I discovered CrossFit in 2012 when my buddy Wes talked me into doing a couple of the workouts with him.  I basically died after the second minute but was intrigued.  Having just come off a full summer of music tours, I needed something to stimulate my psychotic brain.  I spent the next few months watching youtube videos, videoing myself, evaluating, then trying to figure out why I looked like I was having a seizure while hanging from gymnastics rings.  I joined my first affiliate (CrossFit Tolero) in Gillette, WY early 2013 right before the CrossFit Open.

My then girlfriend (now wife) and my then roommate (now stepdaughter) moved to Denver in the summer of 2013.  First thing I did was find the closest CrossFit gym and that is where I met coach Caleb Sommer and coach Alex Takacs.  After a few years of bouncing back and forth between “party body” and “jacked and tan,” I got back on the fitness train.  Caleb hired me at Project Rise in February of 2016, and I have been a happy man ever since.

Athletic background

Competitive History:

  • 1st Place- 2005 Wakeboarding Comp. Helena, MT
  • 1st Place- 2008 “Scuffle at the Shuffle” Shuffleboard tournament Gillette, WY
  • 7th Place- 2016 Fossil Games Team CrossFit Comp
  • 8th Place- 2017 FrostFit Team CrossFit Comp
  • Weirdest Person in the House- Given by… everyone else in the house


  • CrossFit Level 1
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