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Brittany Biggs

Is this a personal ad for Match or! Well, Hi, I’m Brittany and here is a little about me: I love Jesus, I eat a LOT of food, I have big quads, I love dogs, and I thoroughly enjoy working out whenever I can.


I am a Denver native who has started to accept the weather patterns of Colorado. Growing up I hated gym class and felt awkward and bored with every sport I tried… except one. Thankfully I found competitive swimming when I was 9 and have had a growing hunger for competition and improvement ever since. Through this life-long sport I have learned so much from various coaches, mentors, Olympians and teammates that you cannot recreate.  After having a wonderful amateur swimming career I shifted to “Masters” swimming which has allowed me to explore other forms of fitness that have helped me stay competitive in the sport my heart rests in. I can safely say that I am both a competitive Masters Swimmer and a competitive local CrossFitter.

My education background is a Bachelor’s Degree from Metropolitan State University in Exercise Science and Adult Fitness (as well as Nutrition). During my internship at Colorado Athletic Club, I was introduced to CrossFit and started doing more of those workouts and less of the monotonous stuff I came up with. My passion for movement, health, and efficiency quickly pushed me head first into the CrossFit community and the fitness community at large.

After having worked in healthcare facilities, like physical therapy and chiropractic offices, I was frustrated and felt like I wasn’t actually impacting people positively. All of the education and experiences I have acquired have led me to coaching full-time between CrossFit and age-group swimming (I coach 11-13 year olds almost every day…wine is a staple). During my time working the 8-6 job, I blissfully prayed for a job that would allow me to workout and have fun all day…and that’s pretty much what I got!

My goal: (Both daily and for life) To make a strong and positive influence on the people I can have an impact on.

Advice: Enjoy the process, challenge yourself, ask questions, and fight for what you want.

Athletic background


  • CPR/AED/ 1st Aid
  • USA Swimming Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Kids
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