Ethan Rietema

Ethan Rietema

I may be the most unlikely CrossFit coach you will meet. Though I dabbled in sports in high school (Rugby, Lacrosse, Soccer) and was my college badminton champion, I actually excelled in more arts oriented activities. I captained my high school debate team, performed in musicals and plays, I was in a traveling choir, and I was my college chess champion. What I love about all of these activities was constantly learning new things and the relationships that developed while working long hours perfecting a song or complicated dance routine.

When I started CrossFit 5 years ago, I was drawn to the same things: relationships and growth. Working out became a place that I could call home for an hour a day. My classmates became my family. We were all learning new things and pushing ourselves to the next level. I would lay awake at night strategizing the next day’s WOD or lift. There is nothing like achieving a fitness goal and have all your friends around to see it and cheer you on. It was clear that CrossFit would be a significant part of my life.

I do not bring as much athletic prowess to the gym as I do personality. I am often a better coach than athlete and I continue to work on balancing eating and drinking in a healthy way… I guess we are all in process. Let’s commiserate together if you are like me, maybe we can help each other become healthier and stop having cheat meals at every meal.

I absolutely love coaching, there is nothing more fulfilling than positive interactions and seeing people grow in their ability to move. Just last week I came home and told my wife how much fun I had seeing someone do an air squat correctly… she thinks I am weird.

When I am not in the gym I can be found running my business, taking classes for my masters in Clinical Mental Health, looking after my 4 kids or making a manhattan (another thing I am good at) and sitting on my porch. I also love golf, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, riding my motorcycle and smoking cigars.

Athletic Background

Chess Champion
Badminton Champion
3rd in the 2015 Fossil Games
Numerous participation ribbons
2012 Winter Wodfest


CrossFit level 1

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