James Quigley

James Quigley

I grew up playing sports but wasn’t really serious about them until my sophomore year of highschool when I started lifting weights for the first time with the lacrosse team. I’m very happy there are no videos of me lifting during those times. In college I started playing rugby and lifting pretty frequently. My roommate freshman year introduced me to crossfit. I went home for the summer and the closest gym was the then D Town crossfit. I went to a free intro class and got hooked. Sophomore year I got my level 1 certification and started a crossfit club at school coaching classes and doing programming for friends. By senior year, I was doing a mix of powerlifting, crossfit, and rugby. I coached a few crossfit classes a week and trained the men’s basketball team and women’s volleyball team during the off season. After graduation, I’ve just been focused on powerlifting and crossfit.

I stay in the gym now because I love being around the people and pushing myself to work harder and get stronger. I also think at this point I’m addicted to it and going to the gym has become just as much about my mental health as it is my physical health. Nothing is as relaxing as some friends and some heavy weight.  When I’m not at the gym I love writing code, building/ tinkering with computers, hanging out with friends, listening to music and eating.

Athletic Background

2011 Lacrosse State Champs
2015 3rd Place D3 Rugby National Championships


Crossfit Level 1
Society of Actuaries Probability and Statistics

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