Lexi Zadaks

Lexi Zadak

I’m coach Lexi and my world centers around fitness and nutrition! I found CrossFit in the winter of 2012 during my last semester in college and became a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer in 2015. Throughout college I was a runner, and growing up I competed on a travel Hip Hop dance team. (Yes, I can pop, lock and drop it!) I have always been the competitive type but nothing beats the competition I found with Crossfit: me against myself. How can I continue to improve? How can I beat my scores from last year’s open? How can I push harder today than I did yesterday? And this is what keeps me coming back each day!

Not only have I seen a significant change in my physical strength, but in my mental strength and attitude, as well. Crossfit has allowed me to accomplish things I never thought would be possible in many aspects of my life. And this is why I love to coach! I love encouraging other athletes to push past what they think is impossible and reach new potentials today that they didn’t see in themselves yesterday. I love building confidence in athletes and watching them attack their goals every time they step into the gym.

As much as I value fitness, fitness is nothing without proper nutrition!! I am a total paleo, organic, grass-fed health NERD!!! I love studying about macro and micronutrients and how they can be used to energize, fuel, cure, and prevent things within the body. My goal as Rise’s Nutrition and Wellness Manager is to abandon the term “diet” and instead help people find a healthy, balanced way of eating that fits their lifestyle in a way that can be maintained long term. (And yes, this means still finding a way to fit in tacos & tequila, pizza & beer, and chocolate & wine! Those are the 3 best combos, right!?)

My other passions include everything culinary and food related; baking, cooking, recipe creating, food sampling, trying new restaurants, and learning about food. I also LOVE to travel. I believe that experiencing new cultures and taking foreign adventures are some of the greatest things you can do with your life! I also love being outside, hiking, camping, biking, paddle boarding and creating functional fitness in any way I can! Oh, and nut butter. Almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter. Nut butter is life.

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