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Tanna Rae Manthe

Hi!  I’m coach Tanna Rae – yep…..two words, it’s my first name, and no I’m not from the south ;). I was born and raised in Colorado and I’m never leaving! I am married and we have four cool kids, yes four!?!

After getting married and having my first baby I found myself weighing 226 pounds, that is not a typo! 226 lbs, ahhhhh!! It was hard to go up and down stairs, walk to my car in a parking lot, basically it was hard and exhausting to just get through a day.  I wanted to feel good, athletic and to not have to think about how hard stairs were to walk up and down!  I told myself it was going to be A LOT of hard work and dedication, and I was ready for the challenge!  It took me months and months but eventually I lost 100 pounds…..yep, 100 pounds!! Of course losing the weight is hard, but keeping it off is even harder!  I fluctuated for a while until I found Crossfit and started eating right…just those two things until it was a way of life, a lifestyle!

Coach Caleb introduced me to Crossift 3.5 years ago.  It was May 2012…it was so exciting, and I fell in love with Crossfit and have not looked back!  When I started Crossfit I could not do a pull up, I had never “raced” at working out, I could barely deadlift the bar…I hardly knew what a barbell was?!  I was excited and ready for some hard work and dedication.  I got my first pullup after three months of Crossfit (so excited!…it seemed like a dream that could never be possible!) I thought if I could just do one pull up I would be happy or satisfied.  I was satisfied for a moment, but then, I was on to the next challenge….how about two pullups?  And the challenges never cease!

It’s been 3.5 years and a great journey!  I am having so much fun with gaining strength and skills and what it allows me to do in life outside the gym.  Crossfit has introduced me to some of my best friends and a supportive community :).

I really enjoy seeing my friends and my kids do Crossfit (they do Crossfit Kids) and watching us all improve and support each other…’s a great community and I cannot imagine not having it :)

I am still on my Crossfit journey and am excited to help others on theirs!  I look forward to being able to help people do things they did not think were possible!  Including….getting that first pullup.  I will bring coaching, experience and encouragement… just need to bring some hard work and dedication :)

I Look forward to seeing you at Project Rise and joining our community!

Coach Tanna Rae….aka TR :)

Athletic background

CF – Level 1

2014 Crossfit Regional Games (Salt Lake City) – Team member

1st Place – 2015 Glenwood Springs Crossfit – Summer Team Challenge
2nd Place – 2014 Lumberyard Throw-Down
2nd Place – 2014 Boulder Triple Threat – Team Competition
Best Cook – given by my oldest son Miles
Best “Finder” of Things (mostly random things and all of my kids) – unanimously given by my family.


CrossFit Level 1
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance
CPR/AED Certified

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