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Denver is known for people who love all types of sports, the outdoors, health and training. The Fitness-Type, like us, set out to improve our physical performance, get in better shape, eat healthier and become stronger. Easier said than done…  So how do you make better food choices that enhance your training, your outdoor adventures and help you reach your weight loss and strength building goals? 

You Need Some Habit Based Nutrition Coaching in Denver

Habit Based Nutrition CoachingThat is exactly what you need: habit based nutrition coaching. What is it? When you sign up to train with us at Project Rise Fitness, we provide goal focused fitness solutions instead of a one size fits all approach. First we get to know you, we listen, understand where you’re coming from in your past experience training and eating, and where you want or need to go physically. You might not even know where that is, but we ask the right questions. We coach you in the process, working together with you to focus on your goals, both during your group training (whatever your fitness level may be) and in your day to day nutrition choices. 

Truly, that’s what it’s about: making better food choices. Not sticking to a restrictive diet, not sweating extra hard to burn the extra party food. But knowing yourself, your metabolism and being focused on your goals and how to get there. Doing it alone is tough, so we coach you, and even more, we hold you accountable. For most of us, that helps!

Plus, making better choices in your day to day nutrition will keep you fueled and energized for the training level that you choose. Trying to workout when you don’t feel you have enough fuel to last you a training or a class, is NOT FUN! As we train harder, we get hungrier and need more food, and around and around goes the cycle. A diet that you just download from the internet will never understand how we train at Project Fitness Rise, but our nutrition coaches do.

Performance Goals Denver

So if any of these sound like you:

  • I want to feel and look my absolute best
  • I want to improve my perform in my favorite sport or outdoors activities
  • I need more energy, more confidence and want to be in a better mood all day
  • One of my priorities is to learn to eat right, making healthier and smarter food choices
  • I want a leaner and stronger body
  • Diets have never worked for me even when I’m committed to my goals

Start Your New Nutrition Lifestyle in Denver

Need healthier results? Get them at our two locations: Denver and Stapleton.

We welcome all individuals who are committed to getting into the best shape of their life. No matter your fitness level today, we help you aim for the best, strongest and leanest version of yourself.

Group Training at project Fitness Rise

Project Fitness Rise is a performance based training facility that offers two entirely different tracks of programming: “Life and “Sport”, that effectively address any fitness goal. We deliver our diversified product in a group-training format with a perfect combination of high intensity and functional fitness training methodologies. Sound like you? Learn more about our Fitness Programs in Denver.



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