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When I went to high school, one of the PE requirements to pass was that guys had to do 3 pull-ups and the girls merely had to do half. Yup, half! At that time, I was in the best physical condition of my life. I ran track, I swam, I played tennis and I did whatever my coach decided was necessary – stairs, squats, pushups, you name it, I did it. So when my PE teacher said I only had to do half a pull-up I was offended. I never liked being placed below the boys when it came to my physical strength. I scoffed at her before jumping up and grabbing the pull-up bar. And then…nothing! Every single muscle in my body was working to the max, yet I wasn’t moving an inch. It turns out that doing pull-ups is hard. I mean, really hard, embarrassingly hard. And for some reason, it seemed to be harder for women. Otherwise, why would they have different expectations for girls and boys?

It turns out there was no more reason for the differences in the number of pull-ups for boys and girls than the good, old-fashioned misconception that girls are naturally weaker than boys! Let’s make sure we don’t make that mistake going forward. Boys are just as bad at doing pull-ups as girls are! There, I said it.

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Historically, women tend to train their core, and not on gaining upper body strength making the pull-up difficult to achieve. To achieve new goals in life and sport, join Project Rise Fitness in Denver and Stapleton.

Historically, women tend to train their core, and not on gaining upper body strength making the pull-up difficult to achieve. To achieve new goals in life and sport, join Project Rise Fitness in Denver and Stapleton.

In December of 2013, the Marine Corps announced that over half of their female recruits failed the three pull-up test. Only 1% of the men failed. So why is it women have a hard time with such a seemingly simple task? It’s not because we are weak, it is because the pull-up is the most challenging of bodyweight exercises! Anyone who can do a pull-up is in serious physical condition and has worked hard to make it up the bar. That goes for men and for women. It’s not women who have a hard time doing pull-ups; it’s anyone who isn’t in great condition.

So, why do we all think that the problem lies with women when it comes to pull-ups? Because that is what we’ve been told over and over and over again: women just don’t possess the same upper body strength than men do. This is, pardon my French, horse-crap. The female muscle is made up the exact same way a male muscle is made up, but because of different physical standards for men and women, training for women tend to focus more of over-all core strength, rather than strength and muscle training. This is a cultural/societal issue, not a biological issue. Also women tend to carry more body weight in their hips and thighs, making these the focal point of their training and not upper body strength.

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At Project Rise, much like Crossfit, the focus is on high-intensity training sessions that will strengthen and tone your entire body. It’s not about how many pull-ups you can do, it’s about doing the most perfect pull-up. Because if you’re training incorrectly, no amount of pull-ups will save you. In fact, improper training techniques will only hurt and injure you. Our trainers will be able to guide you to train harder the right way to get the max out of your group or individual training sessions. Working out in the box means you are serious about your fitness and we’re here to help you achieve your goals and hold you accountable. They can be life-long goals featuring a lot of cardio and fat burning sessions. Here you learn how to be fit and healthy for life. Or it can be a particular goal where our training is geared toward building strength and muscle to help you reach new achievements in sport, like doing the perfect pull-up to start with. Anything is possible if you are willing to work hard for it, and you have to work hard for the pull-up. We’ve got facilities in Denver and in Stapleton. Sign up today and become the most bad-ass version of yourself with the help of our trainers, nutritionists, group and individual training session, and WOD’s. We’ll have you doing strict pull-ups in no time. Even you, ladies!

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