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Are you stuck at home watching your muscles wither away while you are nursing an overuse injury? Are you shedding a little tear at how the rock hard muscles you worked so hard for a weakening at an alarming rate? Don’t worry; you’re not the first athlete or fitness freak to be forced to take a break from training. The good news is, muscles are like Velociraptors; they remember!!


If you had muscles once, you can get them back quickly once you get back in the box.

For all the work you put into building muscle and strength, it may seem disheartening to see how quickly all your hard work seems to disappear. Luckily, the phenomenon “muscle memory” is not just an urban legend, it’s true. Just like you never forget your muscles, your muscles also never forget and you’ll find that once you’re back in the box your muscles will strengthen right back up at a much faster rate than before.

The science behind muscle memory

The cells in your muscles are big and are multinuclear. When the muscle grows, new nuclei are added. The bigger the muscle, the more nuclei are present in the muscles cells. When we take a break from training, either on purpose or due to an injury, we’ll notice that the muscle will start to weaken the longer we are away from training; however the additional nuclei in the cells are never lost. When you return to your training, the step of your muscle cells having to add new nuclei to help the muscle grow is no longer necessary because your muscle already has all the nuclei ready to produce protein to make your muscles big and strong. Basically, all the functions of your muscles are still there – even if we don’t’ see or feel them, they’re just waiting for you to recover and get back to the box to resume your training.

Improve mobility, flexibility and strength in Denver and Stapleton, Colorado

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Get back into shape again quickly with high intensity training in Denver and Stapleton.

Project Rise is not your typical gym. We deal with high intensity, performance based training sessions. We have group and individual training sessions for every level of fitness. We’ve got the “life” training program where we help you get into shape and be healthy, but we also have the “sport” training programs for athletes looking to improve their PR, clean and snatch more weight or reach new goals in their sport. High intensity and performance based training can be molded to suit any person and help improve your mobility, flexibility and strength. And our professional trainers will be watching you every step of the way to make sure that you do all the exercises correctly to avoid injury. Project Rise fitness is a lifestyle for anyone who is serious about getting into the best shape of their lives. The first week with us is free, after that you’ll be hooked for life…or sport!  

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