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Project Rise Fitness Denver, Project Rise Fitness Stapleton – WOD

Coaches Choice plus cardio (No Measure)

500M row or 400 run.

S1/2: Sport – partner Saturday holds (Time)

Partner WOD

8 min AMRAP (as reps not rounds)

Partner does DL hold

pull ups While other partner does max strict PU (must have bar off the ground to do reps)

—-Then Rest 2 minutes (Use this time to set up your next bars)——

8 min AMRAP

5 sync front squats (hit bottom together 2 bars)

10 GHD sit ups

15 burpees

—-Rest 1 min —

6 min AMRAP

Max calorie Row while partner holds plank (rower can only be moving while in plank)

—-rest 1 min—-

8 min AMRAP

20 sit ups

40 lunges

60 air squats

RX+: 335/205, 155/105

RX: 255/175, 135/95

SP: 185/105, 75/45

Life – linchpin 3/27/16 (Time)

For time:

60 goblet squats 44/26

2 Mile run or 1600m row

60 goblet squats 44/26

—-rest 1 min—–

5 Rounds for time of:

60 line jumps

20 grasshoppers

20 shoulder press 20/10

—-rest 1 min—–

For time:

30 Burpees to 12″ above reach
Sub 3k row instead of 1600m

Aux: aux-sleeper (No Measure)

3 min sleeper stretch both ways

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