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Project Rise Fitness Denver, Project Rise Fitness Stapleton – WOD

Coaches Choice plus cardio (No Measure)

500M row or 400 run.

S1/2: Sport – team 2k row run (Time)

In Teams of 2

2 K Row

100 Thrusters

100 Burpees

200 KB Swings

Everytime you switch with your partner you must do run 200m run. Do big sets. Partner can be working while you run.

OPTION B: Every time you switch each partner does 1 deadlift at 80% of max instead of run. Write weight in notes

RX+ 135/95 70/53lbs

RX 115/75 53/35lbs

SP 95/65 35/18lbs

L1/2: Life – linchpin 5/15/16 (Time)

6 rounds

10 DB squat clean thruster 30/15lbs

10 Sit up

20 lunges

10 hanging knee tuck

20 air squats

20 donkey kicks

200m run or row

RX: as written

SP: 20/10

JUST MOVE: Half reps

AUX: aux wod GHD shoulder (No Measure)

3×20 GHD sit ups

2 min banded shoulder stretch each arm

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