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Project Rise Fitness Stapleton, Project Rise Fitness Denver – WOD

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Coaches Choice (No Measure)


S1: Saturday can’t put on my Hat-Today SPORT (Time)

With a partner:

Partitioned however you’d like, with one person working on these movements at a time- each team must complete the following:

200 slamballs 20/15

200 power cleans 95/65

200 front squats

50 burpees

100 pull-ups

50 ring dips

40 min cap

Rx+, 30/20, 135/95, chest to bar pullups

Rx: as written

SP: 15/10, 75/55, jumping pullups, pushups


L1: Saturday can’t put on my Hat-Today (Time)

5 rounds:

40 Russian KB Swings

20 box tricep dips

40 lunges (in place) holding KB

20 burpees

8/5 cals on assault ARM ONLY

Cash Out:

50 v-ups

aux wod GHD shoulder (No Measure)

3×20 GHD sit ups

2 min banded shoulder stretch each arm

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