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 Meet Cannon

Meet Paula

Paula – Mother of Two




“February of 2009 – I watched my mother die. Harsh way to start this out, I know – but it changed my life from that second on. She learned too late in life just how important it is to be good to your body as well as your mind. Had she known the importance of that 10 years earlier, she would most likely still be here today. I would love to say that after she passed, I ventured on a new path to health and happiness in her honor – but unfortunately it was the opposite. I made excuses to avoid that. I relied on those excuses as well as my negative and pessimistic attitude to justify my unhealthy life decisions. I was a victim to my own grief and I certainly looked like it. It took me a few years and some more tragedy to finally realize, 
“I am the only person who is going to ‘push’ me. Nobody else will talk me into being healthy if it’s not a priority for me! 
In February of 2016, right before the anniversary of my mothers death – I committed to my health and happiness by joining Project Rise for a 6 week challenge.

I  was so worried about showing how weak I was around all of these ‘Fitness Freaks’ but instead I was welcomed and never judged.”

I was pushed and always encouraged... and that still continues 3 months later. With my three boys in mind, I wake myself up for the 8am classes and I push myself out the door after work for the 5:30 beat downs. Every single workout is tough, as I like to say “I die at least twice each time” but I leave so proud that I showed up.  The atmosphere is worth more than I could ever pay.

“I still have a very long road to go for the physical results that I KNOW I will achieve”

I’m not sure I’ll ever look as good as I feel inside! Thank you Ericka, Caleb and all the coaches – you have no idea the impact you can have on someone’s life. GO BRONCOS!”