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Stapleton Strong Summer Challenge

Attention Denver and Stapleton parents! Project Rise Fitness is inviting you to participate in the “Stapleton Strong Summer Fitness Challenge”. Sign up today, and start losing weight tomorrow, all in the name of fitness and education. The money we raise in entry fees will be evenly distributed among six schools in the Denver and Stapleton area, and over the next 7 weeks you’ll be competing as a team to take home the grand prize. But there are no losers here. Even if you don’t take home the grand prize, your kids’ school will get some funding and you’ll lose some weight, gain some muscle and feel great about yourself just by participating.

Fitness challenge timeline

2015 Stapleton Strong Fitness Challenge Timeline

Support your local school and get fit at the same time

There are two truths in this world: schools can always use more funding to further the education of our children and the future of the world…and everyone could use a little more exercise! Project Rise in Denver and Stapleton is making it possible for you to improve your health and your child’s education all in one fun fitness challenge. And, the better you treat yourself and your body the longer you’ll be around to enjoy the benefits of your child getting a better education.

Now, “education” and “fitness” may sound incredibly boring to your kids, so when they ask what you are doing, tell them you’ve entered the Triwizard Tournament for adults, except this time there are six schools instead of three and there (probably) won’t be any dragons, but you will earn points for losing weight and the way you do that is completely up to you. If you want to run around the local park playing wizards and dragons with your kids to get them in on the fun as well, then you should do that. Or go for a swim pretending to be chased by Grindylows, go for it! This is about making fitness fun and inspiring your kids to lead a healthy lifestyle. However you lose the weight, however you get in shape, as long as you do your official weigh-ins at Project Rise Fitness – Stapleton, you’ll earn your points and hopefully bring home the 2015 Triwizard Stapleton Strong Cup for your school team.


Project Rise Fitness will help you
rise to the challenge

PrintAlong with your entry fee of $50, you will also get a free membership to Project Rise Fitness in Stapleton. This is also where you will do all of your official weigh-ins and earn points for your school team. Check out our website for all the rules and regulations, and start earning points for fitness and education. After 7 weeks, you’ll all feel like winners, and one lucky team will take home some awesome prizes designed to help you stay on the path to fitness and a healthy lifestyle!



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