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Looking into some of Fitness’ most common myths at The Denver Post

Jessica Crandall a Project Rise Fitness member, registered dietitian with Denver Wellness & Nutrition and personal trainer, was interviewed by The Denver Post on their recent article: Does cardio burn fat? Are carbs bad? A closer look at fitness myths by Kate Jonuska. Both her and Caleb Sommer, one of our coaches, posed for some photos to illustrate proper form at our box in Denver.



Our coach Caleb Sommer  posed for the article in The Denver Post (photo: Brent Lewis)

Myth: People think cardio is what helps weight loss while lifting  weights just makes you bulky

“You’re not going to bulk up just by lifting weights — unless you want to”

Project Rise Fitness’ member Jessica Crandall  answered to the first myth by accurately pointing out that losing pounds is more about the correct nutrition, than it is about the exercise, regardless of which type. This comment comes from an expert in nutrition and fitness, but also someone who knows the kind of workouts we do at the box.  She went on to say:

 “Exercise alone, which does improve muscle mass and your metabolism, will not yield an excessive amount of weight loss.”

What is true, and the article clearly states, is that you need both. You need the best nutrition habits and the performance training to go along with it.

To get into your Fat Burning Zone you need cardiovascular exercise, since you need to obviously increase the heart rate.  However, to build the muscle you will need to also maintain a healthy diet rich in protein, with a balanced amount of healthy fat and low in sugar. A strength and conditioning training, will also result in an increased metabolism and will do both: get you leaner and build the muscle.

As the article quotes, the lifting part of your program, specifically because strength training requires your body to recover after all the muscle tear, helps you continue to burn fat hours after you’re done sweating. This is why you burn more fat with a correct strength programming than just pure cardio. 


Important truth: Correct Nutrition is important to build muscle.

Many people think that eating just salads they will get in better shape. This is not accurate, since the body needs protein to build muscle and to recover. However there are plants that are protein packed like soy beans, nuts, quinoa and legumes, among others. Which is good news for vegans. For people who eat eggs and dairy products, those also add protein to their diet. But animal proteins have the highest ratio of protein per calorie, so if you don’t eat anything from this food group: “you can still get nutrients from plant-based sources of protein…  but their options are often more limited, time-intensive and require pre-planning.” 

Jessica Crandall shows proper form while doing lunges at Project Rise Fitness in Denver

Jessica Crandall shows proper form while doing lunges at Project Rise Fitness in Denver


Clear Goals can help people get more active but there is no magic recipe

“On average, 30 percent of Americans are not active at all. Zero activity reported. I hate to create more barriers for those people to engage in activity” says Crandall, “The more complicated we make things, the more discouraging it can be”.

Jessica believes that we shouldn’t be making up more rules for people to get fit. This, in part, has kept 30% of the population away from any physical activity. We should just simply encourage everyone to do something, no rules, just get active. Find their own goals and work on those, at least a little.

Which means perhaps only one exercise fact is incontrovertible: Do some, when you can and how you can. No “rule” is simpler than that.

Having clear goals, like a specific area of your body you would want to target, can help some people to begin a fitness plan. And though working on it will likely boost your confidence, the fact that you can “spot reduce fat” is also a myth.

 “If you’re just working your legs, that doesn’t mean only, say, your inner thigh is going to shrink, but you will be restructuring the whole leg to look more dynamic.”

We encourage you to read the whole article and discover more truths and myths on fitness.

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Remember some of our  recent fitness tips:Project Rise Fitness official logo

  1. Listen to the coaches, they are the experts. 
  2. Get plenty of rest.
  3. Seek a high intensity power training over volume.
  4. Technique, technique and a little more technique. 
  5. Stay fueled by eating what your body needs. 

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