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In our plight to gain strength and muscle and complete our WODs, one important discipline is often overlooked: stretching!

A proper warm-up should raise your core temperature

the importance of warming up before a heavy lifting session in Colorado

Jumping rope is an awesome way to warm up your core temperature before a heavy lifting session at the box.

You’d be amazed at how often we forget to warm up and stretch before we hit the box to lift some weight or to take a group class. Much focus is placed on proper technique and body positioning, but before you even get to that, you need to take the time to stretch out your body. You need to warm up your muscles.

Before you start to pick up those weight, kettlebell, medicine balls or completing your WOD, there’s one exercise that you need to complete first, and that’s stretching out and warming up your muscles to get the ready for the day’s training session. If you start thinking of the stretch, the warm up, as you first exercise of your WOD or lifting session, you are more likely to get into the habit of doing this every time you hit the box.

Stretch your whole body before beginning taking on the WOD

Warming up and stretching is more than just reaching down to touch your toes for a few seconds. You need to get a full body warm up before an intense training session. Your warm up should do just that: warm up your body and your muscles and your ligaments. If you just bounce around for a few minutes, casually stretching your arms and legs, chances are you’re not warming up.

The importance of warming up before a weightlifting session

Warming up your body before a weight lifting session releases important enzymes that help your body avoid stress and overuse injuries.
Photo: Wendy Cook at Project Rise Fitness in Colorado.

Warming up your body will release important enzymes that will help you in your more strenuous workout. Jumping rope is a popular warm up exercise. And, unlike the time limits set in most of our exercises for the WOD, group or individual training sessions, the warm up will take as long as it takes. On hot days, your body may only need a few minutes to heat up its core temperature, but on colder Colorado winter days you may need a little longer.

High intensity group and individual training and nutrition coaching in Denver and Stapleton, Colorado

High intensity group and individual training and nutrition coaching in Denver and Stapleton, Colorado

Group and individual high-intensity interval training in Denver and Stapelton, Colorado

Next, you need to go through your body methodically and stretch out from head to toe. We know you’re dying to get to the “real” training, but if you want the best results, you need to help your body out, and you can do that by warming up and stretching. High intensity interval training is fun and effective. If you haven’t had your fix, you REALLY have to come check us out!

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