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It turns out that everyone’s favorite lifestyle craze – the Paleo diet, has been hooking up with an unlikely partner: the vegan. Sounds odd, right, because isn’t Paleo all about hunting and gathering a living like cavemen? Yes, but you never know where you’ll find your mate, so who can blame the caveman (or woman) for dabbling a bit in forbidden vegan waters. And, like every new celebrity couple we need to give them a celebrity couple name. Say hello to Pegan!

Health and nutrition: Trail mix

Fruits, nuts and seeds make for a great Paleo, Vegan and Pegan snack.

Where’s the beef?

The Pegan diet may seem to go against the very foundation of the Paleo lifestyle. How can we eat like our ancestors did, but ignore all that delicious meat? Well, if you want to eat meat, then you just continue to only recognize the Paleo lifestyle and still incorporate meat, fish and eggs into your diet. But those of you who have felt excluded from the Paleo craze, you now have a chance to get in the game. Instead of the meats and animal products, you simply add a little more fiber, grains, fuits, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

Vegans can now follow the principles of Paleo by feasting on a diet of protein, grains and good fats, but leaving out any animal products. You are still getting all of the food groups you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The one little downside of eliminating animal product is the risk of not getting enough calcium, so if you’re planning on trying the new Pegan diet, make sure you find an alternate source of calcium.

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No matter who you're hooking up with and what you eat, everyone is welcome at the Project Rise box for high intensity fun!

No matter who you’re hooking up with and what you eat, everyone is welcome at the Project Rise box for high intensity fun!

Getting healthy is a lifestyle change, and the Paleo and the Pegan lifestyles are a great way to eat healthy and take back your life. Now mix that with some high intensity group and individual training at our Stapleton or Denver boxes, and you’ve got yourself a sure fire way to lose weight, gain strength, flexibility and mobility and before you know it our trainers and nutritionists will have you looking and feeling 10 years younger. And it is fun, you’ll hardly notice your working out. We try to keep it intense, fun and active. We’re always mixing up our training so you’ll never get bored. Get your life back on track and join us in Stapleton and Denver. Sign up for your first free class and get hooked.

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