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Project Rise Fitness Denver, Project Rise Fitness Stapleton – WOD

Coaches Choice (No Measure)

S1: S1 – Team sport (Time)

30 pull ups -While partner does plank or handstand hold

50 thrusters – while partner bar hangs

50 double unders – med ball leg lift position ball on feet (like yesterday’s workout)

20 – rugby med ball throws 14ft apart. mats are 4×6 (if ball touches ground go for a run)

Every time either person transitions both run a 200m with the med ball

RX+: 115/75

RX: 95/65

SP: 65/35, 14/6lbs med ball

16 min cap

Sub 150 single unders if needed

S2: Sport – ass,wb,GHD (Time)

4 rounds

25/15 Cal Assault

25 Wall Balls 20/14

20 GHD

RX+: 30/20lbs

RX: as written

SP: 14/10lbs and 18/10 cal

Stagger starts on the 2 minute with fastest atheltes out first.

L1: L1- 20 min,halo,woodchops,abwheel,crunches (No Measure)

20 min EMOM

Min 1: 15 each way plate halo’s 25/15lbs

Min 2: 30 plate wood chop 25/15lbs

Min 3: 20 ab wheel on rower seat

Min 4: 40 russian KB swings 35/26lbs

RX:as written

SP: 15/10lbs, 26/10lbs

JUST MOVE: Half Reps

L2: Life baseline (Time)

For time

100 Air Squats

100 Sit Ups

75/50 Push Ups

100 ring rows

100/60 cal assault bike (You can choose to do pieces of the assault bike at any point in the workout.)

RX: as written

JUST MOVE: 1/2 reps

AUX: AUX – Plank Crunch (No Measure)

6min EMOM:

Odd: :30 Plank (on elbows)

Even: 20 Crunches

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