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Project Rise Fitness Stapleton, Project Rise Fitness Denver – WOD

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Warm up – Upper Scap Sability/Core (No Measure)

800m Run or run

2 Rounds

10 scap pull ups

10 Hollow Rocks

10 toes touches

S1: S1 – Kipping drills + pull ups (No Measure)

16 min EMOM

Min 0-8 kipping drills

Min 8: 10 strict pull ups (band if needed)

Min 10: 10 strict pull ups (band if needed)

Min 12: 10 strict pull ups (band if needed)

Min 14: 10 strict pull ups (band if needed)

S2: Sport – “Fran+Darwin = Frank (Time)

30/15 cal assault bike

21 Thrusters

21 pull ups

Rest 1 min

15 clusters

15 weighted pull ups 20/10 medball

Rest 1 min

9 Bear complex (squat clean thruster + back squat thruster)

9 Burpee pull ups

10/6 cal assault bike

Rx+: 95/65, sub 3 for one muscle ups. Must do all 9 burpees on last round.

Rx: 75/55

Sp: 45/35″

L1: L1-GHD,plank, back ext (No Measure)

12 min EMOM (4 rounds)

Denver – Must come back downstairs after GHD

min 1: 30 back extensions on GHD (stay hollow)

min 2: 30 Split squats (leg on bench)

min 3: 50 side plank hip lifts (25 each side)

—–Then rest 1 min—–

400m run

L2: Life baseline (Time)

Life Baseline

For time

100 Air Squats

100 Sit Ups

50/30 Push Ups

50 ring rows

75/50 cal assault bike (You can choose to do pieces of the assault bike at any point in the workout.)

AUX: AUX – Core + down dog up dog (Time)

2 min planks

15 down dog to up dog

Kids Warm Up Game

K1: Coaches Choice (No Measure)

Kids WOD

Tabata This! (5 Rounds for reps)

Tabata Row
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Squat
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Pull-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Push-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Sit-up

Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals. Unit for the row is “calories”. Post Tabata score for each exercise as Reps and total those for final score as Total Reps.

E.G., 10, 22, 9, 15, 15 = 71

Kids Strength/Skill

K3: Sled Pushes

8 Trips, add weight each time, teens on one side 10- under on other side

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