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Who doesn’t want a little more muscle? You’d be hard pressed to find someone who would say no to gaining more strength and muscle. It doesn’t mean you have to look like or become an Olympic weightlifter, but gaining muscle requires discipline and proper training. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with an injury.

Getting an injury is the fastest way to lose muscle and ruin all of your hard work. Improper weight training technique is the fastest way to an injury. So, for those of you who are looking to add strength and gain muscle, avoid these mistakes when you hit the box or go through your WOD.

strength gaining tips

Don’t use too much or too little weight when you are trying to gain strength. Find a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals without getting injured.

Don’t use too much weight, don’t use too little weight

See that hot little number at the other end of the box? Wanna get their attention? Don’t be tempted to try to impress the other members of the box by upping your weight to an unreasonable and dangerous amount. Trust us, you’ll only end up looking foolish when the person you’re hoping to impress has to come and help lift you to the physical therapist with a painful injury.

Using too much weight too soon, either to impress someone or to speed up progress, is the most common mistake of all. Using more weight than you can handle will affect your form and technique, increasing the risk of injury and decreasing the effectiveness of your workout.

On the other hand, don’t be so casual and nonchalant about your workout and your progress that your workout is completely ineffective. You’ll know when it’s time to increase the weight – or your trainer will – but if your mind starts wandering and you lose track of your rep count, chances are you could stand to up your weight a little. You shouldn’t be straining, but you also shouldn’t be whistling dixie, thinking you’re improving your strength.

avoid common strength training mistakes

Give your muscles plenty of time to rest and recover in between training sessions.

Don’t lift too fast, don’t lift too slow

To find the perfect rhythm to maximize your weight lifting abilities, talk to a trainer at your box or sign up for a few group sessions. Lifting should be a slow, controlled process that utilize and activates every muscle and fiber for a complete workout. This will also put less pressure on your joint, minimizing the risk of injuries and strains.

The final step to any workout is letting your muscles rest up for the next training session.

Proper technique is sexy. We’ll help you improve form, build strength, gain muscle, and get the attention of that hottie across the box.

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