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Project Rise Fitness Denver, Project Rise Fitness Stapleton – WOD

Coaches Choice plus cardio (No Measure)

500M row or 400 run.

S1: S1 – Snatch technique (No Measure)

15 min technique day

-Good day for LIFE to try SPORT

Min 0-5: Power position to power snatch. Working on getting lower and lower until reaching a full squat snatch.

Min 6-10: Pull back drill. Keep bar 2-3 inches off thigh

Min 11-15: Below Knee full snatch

Coach lead each segment then break off to practice.

Pull back drill

General snatch technique
For those that are too good for this you can spend 15 min to work up to a max Power snatch

S2: Sport – Death by TTB PC,air squat (Time)

Death by (Start at written reps)

Min 1: 7 Toe to bar

Min 2: 14 Air squat (add 2 reps each time)

Min 3: 4 Power clean 165/105

RX+: 205/125

RX: as written

SP: 115/65

6 week: 65/35lbs

L1: L1 – crunch,squat,deadbug,KBS (No Measure)

16 min EMOM

Min 1: 15 squat + 2 knee lifts between reps

Min 2: 50 crunches (Feet straight in air hand touch toes)

Min 3: 60 sec deadbug

Min 4: 25 kettlebell swings 35/26lbs

RX: hug a med ball during squats 20/14lbs

SP: 26/10lbs

JUST MOVE:SP weight 10, 20, :30 sec, 12reps

L2: Life – 18 min AMRAP shoulders…. (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

18 min AMRAP

100 plate arm circles 5/2.5lbs

20 curtsy lunges

100 beaded single jump ropes

20 med ball bear hug squats 20/14lbs

GOAL 3-4 rounds

RX: as written

SP: 14/10

AUX: AUX – Flutter Hip Taps (No Measure)

Every 1:30 for 4 rounds:

20 Flutter Kicks + 20 Hip Taps

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