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Project Rise Fitness Stapleton, Project Rise Fitness Denver – WOD

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Warm up – barbell (No Measure)

400m run or row

3 rounds (with an empty bar)

10 Deadlifts

10 Front squat

10 push press

10 lunge + twist (without bar)

S1: Push Jerk (Push press + push jerk)

16 min EMOM

Min 0-6: technique

Min 6: 3+2

Min 8: 2+2

Min 10: 1+2

Min 12: 1+1

Min 14: 1 (jerk)

Between sets do 5 explosive push ups (clapping)

S2: Sport DB snatch TTB (Time)

3 rounds

200m Run or Row

20 DB Snatches

12 Toes 2 Bar

12 Push Ups

One of the rounds you have to run a 400 instead of a 200. You choose which round.

Rx+: 70/40

Rx: 50/30

Sp: 40/20

L1: L1 – 16 min hiptaps,thruster,sit up (No Measure)

16 min EMOM

Min 1: 25 DB thrusters 20/10lbs

Min 2: 20 sit ups

Min 3: 50 hip taps (in push up position)

Min 4: 200m run

RX: as written

SP: 15/5lbs

L2: Life – 18 min AMRAP shoulders…. (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

18 min AMRAP

100 plate arm circles 5/2.5lbs

400m run

100 beaded single unders

200m run holding med ball 10/6lbs

RX: 14/10lbs

SP: as written

AUX: aux – 4 emom half squats (No Measure)

4 min EMOM 20 banded half air squats

Start at 90 deg go up half way

Kids WOD

K1: Warm-up (No Measure)

CF Kids baseball – set up 4 cones to act as bases and home plate. Create a large target where the pitchers mound should be. Kids will start at home and have three attempts to throw a dodgeball into the target where the pitcher would be. Bear crawl to first, lunge to second, plank walk to third and grapevine back home

Kids Strength/Skill

K2: Push Press (Weight)

5 x 5 reps or RX+ working up to 1 rep max

Kids WOD

K3 : Wall Ball WOD (Time)

Must be touching med ball for entire workout:

10 rounds

4 med ball squats

4 one arm med ball push ups

4 russian twists w/ med ball

Rx+ >10# wall ball

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