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Project Rise Fitness Stapleton, Project Rise Fitness Denver – WOD

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S1: Bro Day #1

15 min EMOM

Min 0-2: set up

Min 2: 5 reps DB Bench (Heavy)

Min 3: 8 total DB Row (Heavy)

Min 4: 5 reps DB Bench (Heavy)

Min 5: 8 total DB Row (Heavy)

Min 6: 5 reps DB Bench (Heavy)

Min 7: 8 total DB Row (Heavy)

—–MIn 8: Rest——

Min 9-15: 20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2

Ping pong between Push up and ring row (20 of push up and ring row then 18 of each etc…)

18 min cap

Warm up -Lower Body/Hip (No Measure)

400m run or row

3 Rounds

:30 Static Lunge Hold (Each Leg)

5 Burpee Broad Jumps

10 Scap Pull Up w/ Hip Twist (Left and Right)

S2,S2: Sport – sets of 20 reps (Time)

60 power snatches (100% touch and go. No resetting grip on ground)

60 DB strict shoulder press (cant rest more than 1 second)

60 Hang clean (can’t rest more than 1 second)

Must be done in sets of 20 reps. Can’t put weight down if under 20 reps. If you do you don’t count those reps.

RX+: 95/65 30/15

RX: 75/45 20/10

SP: 55/35 15/5

L1: L1 – 18 min shuttles (No Measure)

18 min EMOM

Min 1: 4 shuttle sprints 20m

Min 2: Side walking lunge

Min 3: 3 stair runs

L2: Life – 18minAMRAP general CF (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

18 min AMRAP

500m Row

40 Air Squats

350m Row

30 elbow to plank walks (start in plank go to elbows go back to plank = 1)

150m Row

15 Burpees

Rest 1 min after each round

aux: AUX – Couch stretch (No Measure)

2 min Each side

Kids Warm Up Game

K1: Warm-up (No Measure)

Jog 200m

10m Broad Jumps

10 Mt. Climbers

10m Bear crawl

10 Mt. Climbers

10m Lunges

10 Mt. Climbers

Kids Strength/Skill

K2: Front Squat

Kids WOD

K3: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

2 Rounds: 1 Minute at each station

Wall Balls

Box Jumps


Push Press

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