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Project Rise Fitness Denver, Project Rise Fitness Stapleton – WOD

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General Warm Up D (No Measure)

400 meter run, then:

3 rounds

30 alt toe touch seated

7 muscle cleans with empty barbell

15 scap pull up

S1: S1 – Snatch technique (No Measure)

15 min technique day

-Good day for LIFE to try SPORT

Min 0-5: Power position to power snatch. Working on getting lower and lower until reaching a full squat snatch.

Min 6-10: Pull back drill. Keep bar 2-3 inches off thigh

Min 11-15: Below Knee full snatch

Coach lead each segment then break off to practice.

Pull back drill

General snatch technique

S2: Sport – row ground to OH (Time)

20/15 cal row

20 Ground to overhead 95/65

30/22 cal row

10 ground to OH 135/95

40/30 cal row

5 ground to OH 165/105

50/37 cal row

RX+: 115/75, 155/105, 205/ 125

RX: as written

SP: 65/35, 95/55, 115/65

Change: added 80 cal of rowing.

L1: L1 – Glute Heaven (No Measure)

16 min EMOM

Min 1: 80 banded pulsing (small movements) jane fondas

MIn 2: 30 banded half squat + jump (keep legs out at top of jump)

Min 3: 20 KB Thrusters (10 Each Arm) 26/18lbs

Min 4: 40 Lateral Side to Side Lunges

RX:as written

SP: 18/10lbs

JUST MOVE: half reps

L2: Life – WB,row,slam (Time)


Split stance WB

ring rows

Between rounds 1 min double OH DB hold 30/15lbs + 400m run

RX: as written

SP: 14/6lbs, 20/10lbs

JUST MOVE: SP weight 1/2 reps

20 min cap

AUX: AUX – core mobility (No Measure)

3 x 15rep lid slide reverse v up (push up pos. lid on feet and slide to top)

2 min with LAX ball in upper back and chest

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