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Project Rise Fitness Stapleton, Project Rise Fitness Denver – WOD

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Lower Body/Trunk Stability (No Measure)

400m Run

3 Rounds

6 Push Up to T Rotation

10 Deep Lunge w/Elbow Drop

10 Alternating Plank & Reach (Right and Left, Arm and Leg)

S1: Snatch (1 RM)

Establish a max Squat Snatch 16 min EMOM (Every 2 min)

0-4 warm up +

4 min 5 reps 60%

6 min 3 reps 70%

8 min 3 reps 80%

10 min 1 rep 90%

12 min 1 rep 95%

14 min 1 rep 100%+

16 min 1 rep 100%+

*work to a maximal load over 20 mins, reps are NOT meant to be performed quickly during lighter sets. hit each rep as a single as if you are about to lift max weight

S2: Sport – 14 min EMOM PS,GHD (Weight)

14 EMOM alt between (7 rounds)

5 power snatches


L1: L1 – tabata (No Measure)


:20 on / :10 rest [8 rounds of each movement]

Med ball sit ups

DB Strict Press

assault bike

single leg line jumps

then 30 fire hydrants each side

L2: Life-reverse burp (Time)

4 rounds

6 reverse burpees (use DB or bands on rig to aid if needed)

12 DB walking lunge 20/10

18 DB hang clean and Jerk

24 sit ups

AUX: AUX coaches choice (No Measure)

Kids Strength/Skill

K1: Sled Pushes

8 Trips, add weight each time, teens on one side 10- under on other side

Kids WOD

K2: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams of 3 or 4

Row 2000 Meters as a team (switch as many times as needed)

AMRAP One person works at a time and can split up however)

10 burpees

10 KP swings

10 Air Squats

Score is how many rounds completed in the time it takes to complete 2000 Meters