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Project Rise Fitness Stapleton, Project Rise Fitness Denver – WOD

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Upper Body/Core Stability (No Measure)

2 Min Row


3 Rounds

10 Face Pulls Red/Orange

5 Scap Pull Ups

:45 Plank (Alternating Elevation of Right & left leg and arm)

S1: Hang Power Clean (1RM)

16 min EMOM

Min 0-4: instruction

Min 4: 3+2 ( below knee +above knee)

Min 6: 3+2 ( below knee +above knee)

Min 8:1+1 ( below knee +above knee)

Min 10: 1+1( below knee +above knee)

Min 12: 1 above knee

Min 14: 1 above knee

Work up to a max for the day.

S2: Sport – “Bad attitude” (AMRAP – Reps)

“Bad Attitude”

Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds complete:

200m Row + AMRAP Squat Clean to Overhead in remaining time.

*Your score is the total number of clean and jerks you complete in each of the five 3-minute rounds.

Rx+: 185/115

Rx: 135/95

Sp: 95/65

L1: L1-16 EMOM, OHcircles,clock,russian,halfsquat (No Measure)

16 min EMOM (4 rounds)

1 min: 50 OH DB circles 10/5

2 min: 60 clock jumps (60 total jumps, 9,6,3,12 o clock)

3 min: 20 Med ball russian twist + press 20/14lbs

4 min: 50 banded half squats (band just below knees start at 90 go up only 3 inches then back down)

RX: as written

SP: 14/6-4lbs

6 week:Sp weight

L2: Life – sidelunge,knee tuck,ball slam,russian (Time)

5 rounds

20 side lunge (on sliders)

20 hanging knee tuck

20 ball slams 14/10lbs

40 Russian twist with med ball

RX: as written

SP: 10/4lbs

6 week challenge:

5 rounds

16 side lunge (on sliders)

5 hanging knee tuck

10 ball slams 10/4lbs

20 Russian twist with med ball

AUX: AUX – forearm (No Measure)

2 min flipped hands forearm stretch

Kids Warm Up Game

K1: Coaches Choice (No Measure)

Kids WOD

K2: Metcon (Time)

Chipper For TIme

200 meter Run

50 Stick Jumps

40 Knee Tucks (hanging from bar)

30 Burpees

20 Kb swings

10 Push Press

200 meter Run
Remainder of time left in class, play a game.

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