“I have lost 24 lbs.”

“I feel stronger than I ever have.”



 “I created my new life.”

“Even if I failed for a week it was important that I came back.”

Dana’s Story

I wanted to share with you an experience I had yesterday. I settled on a globo-style gym that seemed laid back but was most importantly cheap! When I went, they told me new members get a free hour of personal training. I said sure why not! Unfortunately, the experience was absolutely horrible, and when I got to my car I was in tears. Like gross, big, weezy tears. The trainer told me that I’m a very unhealthy weight (5’5″ and 130lbs), I’m a risk to myself, I don’t understand fitness, and I’m very weak.He condescendingly told me CrossFit and Functional Fitness are fads that, “don’t teach people about fitness.” He told me that if I want to “turn my life around” and “get healthy,” he’d love to train me for $150 a week.


I’m not sure I ever told the team at Project Rise about my own health history, but I’ve struggled with eating and having a positive body image for many years. The workout routine at Project Rise was the first time in my life when I felt strong and beautiful. Every box I’ve been into, but especially Project Rise, provided me with a refreshingly positive view on fitness. The team introduced me to health that can be measured by how my body functions in a workout, rather than how I look in the mirror. It has helped me feel proud of my body and the amazing work that it does for me every day. You helped me compare myself only to myself, and you encourage other women in their fitness journeys as well. That trainer at the globo-style gym belittled me, judged me, and tried to discount the years of hard work I’ve put into loving myself.


To sum up, I just wanted to say thank you for providing people with a sanctuary where they can escape the pressures of their daily grind, find a community of welcoming and inclusive people, and work hard! Thank you for changing the fitness industry from one that shames women to one that loves them.