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Carbohydrates will kill you!! Maybe.

Raise your hand if you have put carbohydrates as your “public enemy number one” food list! Yeah, thought so. A lot of people have started to cut out carbs from their diet and are seeing great results. Nothing new, lately we’re calling this the Paleo Diet, but low carb diets have been around for centuries. The great part of all of these famous low carb diets is that they all yield almost instantaneous results. The not so great part? Unless you truly change your eating and fitness habits for good, no diet will yield lasting results.

If you change your lifestyle and listen to your body, there's no reason you can't enjoy delicious sweet potato pancakes every once in a while.

If you change your lifestyle and listen to your body, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy delicious sweet potato pancakes every once in a while.

Every diet works for a while. From master cleanses, to Atkins, to South Beach, to Weight Watchers to the now ever so popular Paleo diet. The reasons these diets can all boast success (albeit limited) is because any time you start a diet you automatically become more conscious and aware of the foods that you are eating, you limit processed food, buy fresh and cook for yourself and before you know it the pounds seem to be just rolling off. Unfortunately, this immediate weight loss gives people a false sense of security about their diet. They start counting down the days to when they reach their “goal” and can start eating potatoes again. And there-in lies the problem with “diets”. They are short term.

At Project Rise, we’re all about long term solutions to a healthy lifestyle: Long term fitness, long term nutrition plans and a lifetime of high intensity fun and activities.

Anytime you make a change to your eating habits (unless it’s the birthday cake and beer diet) then you will see positive results. The reason that the Paleo

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There is no “one size fits all” nutrition plan. Our nutritionists will work with you to find out what is right for your lifestyle, your goals and your body type.

Lifestyle is having such great success, is that it will eliminate certain foods from your diet – like sugar, processed foods and carbs – forcing you to take stock of what you put in your body. This automatically leads you to buy better produce and feed yourself better. Plus, forcing you to write down what you eat. Especially at the beginning stages, this will hold you accountable and keep you honest. It’s easy to ignore that chocolate bar you just devoured, but when you sit down to write out your daily intake of food, your sin bar sticks out like a sore thumb and of course you feel guilty. It’s hard to lie to yourself when you write things down.

Project Rise has nutrition coaching to help you find the right foods for you

Where the Paleo Groupies have taken this diet a tad too far, is that they fail to re-introduce­ certain foods back into their diet. Remember, this is about making it a lifestyle; it’s about getting to know your body and seeing which foods affect you, both positively and negatively. You may be the type of person who can start to add more and more carbs into your diet. You may not. You may find you can never eat gluten again, or that dairy makes you bloat. It all depends on you and your body. Paleo is a starting point, it’s a way to “clean slate” you eating habits and then slowly start to reintroduce foods and being aware of how food groups affect your health, weight and mobility.

The point is, once you start to be aware of what you put into your body you are more likely to start eating healthier, and in turn you’ll lose weight. But, despite the many names to many different diets, the best thing you can do for yourself is to look at these diets as “suggestions”, “guidelines” and not the end all and be all of weight management. Because by now we should all know that dieting doesn’t work in the long run, only you can keep off the weight and stay healthy. We are all different, our bodies react differently, and no dieticians or nutritionist will be able to write a cookie cutter diet that works for everyone.

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Group training sessions for “life” and “sport” can help you get past the plateau and achieve your fitness goals.

High intensity core training for everyone in Denver and Stapleton

No one understands that you can’t fit everyone into one type of training. That is why Project Rise uses a variety of different training methods to give you a high intensity, fat burning, core workout. We’re the smorgasbord of training programs, taking a little bit from every method. We work on strength, mobility and flexibility to give your body a full workout. And every day is different, so you won’t get bored at Project Rise. Our trainers are here to help you get your ass in shape, and our nutritionists are here to help you work on our food issues and help you determine how you should eat to be healthy. We want to help you get your life on track, and build a healthy “lifestyle”, not “stick to your diet”.  We’re no quick fix; we’re in it for the long run!



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